The idea of Diva Descent is to encourage the ever-growing number of girl mountain bikers to give Downhill and Enduro a go and to provide the opportunity to develop skills and compete under authentic race conditions.

Formed in 2011, Diva Descent presented the first ever opportunity for girls to try Downhill racing in a unique, all-girl environment. The aim was to develop bike skills and increase the number of girls racing, particularly Downhill.

Since then the aim has remained the same, but thanks to the growth and development of the Diva community, this has broadened to encompass women with no racing ambition but simply the desire to take part in women’s specific events and develop their riding skills.

This is achieved through coaching camps, coaching holidays and race weekends, either exclusive Diva Descent races or in association with other race organisers.

As the number of girl mountain bikers continues to grow, so too does the passion for the sport. The aim is to develop confidence and skills needed to get the most out of both riding and competing in Downhill and Enduro events.