Race Rules

 Each race you enter may have a rules specific to that race. It is advised that you make sure you are familiar with what is expected of you before you arrive.

To keep things safe however, there are a number of rules that apply to all races, which riders must follow:

  • When riding the track, if you come up behind another rider and you want to pass shout RIDER. Always try to pass at a safe point in the track so neither you or the other rider is at risk. If you hear someone shouting RIDER behind you, try to pull over as quickly as possible to let him or her past.
  • The marshals at the side of the track are there to make the race as safe and efficient as possible. They are in charge of closing the track in the case of crashes and will reopen when the track has been cleared. To do so, they have 2 flags, which MUST be obeyed.

YELLOW = CAUTION!! The race has been paused for a crash or other issue with the track. You must proceed with caution. There are no Yellow flags during the race runs because you are in timed race conditions. There are only red flags.

RED = STOP!! This flag means that the track has been closed, usually because of a crash resulting in injury. The track will remain closed until the marshal nearest to you instructs you that it is safe to proceed. Only do so when the marshal instructs you. If you are stopped during your race run you will get a rerun.

  • Each marshal has a whistle and will blow it once as you pass. This instructs the crowd that there is a rider approaching and marshals nearby that you have ridden past their point safely.
  • If you have mechanical issues, which prevent you from riding to the end of the track, leave the track where it is safe to do so immediately to clear the track for the following rider.
  • The race will start with a seeding run which is a timed practise race run. The results of this will determine the order riders are organised for the race run going from slowest to fastest. There will be a generous interval between riders to ensure that faster riders do not catch up on slower riders in front.
  • Make a note of your race time and make sure you’re at the top in plenty of time.
  • Make sure you have walked the track and are familiar with all the features.
  • Armour rules must be obeyed
  • Marshal abuse will not be tolerated