DH Coaching

The 2-day DH coaching weekends have removed the race element from the original Diva Descent event, giving you the chance to receive 2 full days of coaching from professional female athletes and coaches. You can focus completely on developing your bike skills and take your riding to the next level.

The weekend will be uplift assisted giving you back-to-back downhill delight.

At the start of the weekend the coaches will assess your riding level and experience to discover your strengths and weaknesses and tailor the weekend to suit you.

Is it for you?

Yes!  If you have some riding experience (Blue/Red trail riding) then this is your perfect opportunity to develop your skills and make some new riding buddies along the way! You don’t need to be fast so you won’t have to worry about ‘keeping up’!

All you need is a full-suspension bike (140-160mm travel upwards), Full-face helmet, knee guards and as much or as little body armour as you are comfortable with.

Diva Descent doesn’t follow a set programme for each Coaching Camp. Instead we look at what you need and want in order to tailor the experience and make sure you take as much away from the weekend as possible.

If racing’s your thing and you are looking to perfect your race lines or  you are hoping to give racing a go for the first time, Diva Descent offers you the chance to learn from the pro’s.

What’s included? 

  • 2 days of tailored coaching by female professional athletes and coaches
  • 2 days of private uplift
  • Diva Descent T-Shirt
  • Spot prizes from Diva Descent sponsors

The dates of the DH camps are:

There are currently no coaching events scheduled.

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