The Home of Women’s Mountain biking

Giving you the chance to meet and ride with other bike loving women and receive coaching from female coaches and World Cup racers.

Come and develop your bike skills with Diva Descent.

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Whether you’re just starting out or have hours of trail time in your tyres, Diva Descent gives you the chance to develop your riding skills and take part in exciting all-girl mountain bike events.

Thanks to Diva Descent and Sarah for holding the event.
That’s what got me into racing and made me so much more confident
to enter other races dominated by males. I competed in a
Northern Downhill race and won the female category so thanks for
the massive confidence boost Diva gave me

How could Diva Descent help you?

Diva Descent is aimed at any woman who is interested in Downhill and Enduro mountain biking. Some basic bike experience is required for the two disciplines but you don’t need to be fast or need to ‘keep up’.

How to get involved?

The aim is to improve whatever ability you have and to take your riding and confidence to the next level.

Choose your discipline from the navigation above and read on to find out about the events and holidays and how you can get involved!

“The whole experience at Diva gave me much more confidence in myself and my bike so much so that I went on to enter the Scottish Championships!”

“Diva Descent was my first race. The fact that is was an all-girls race made me confident enough to enter. I really enjoyed Diva Descent as everyone there was really friendly and the whole thing was well organised. It was great for meeting more girl bikers. Can’t wait for the next one!”